These are just some of the events organized and sponsored by SAAC:
  • Supporting our troops: Working with the Friends of Our Troops organization, athletes send morale-boosting holiday greeting cards to the US troops overseas.
  • Bingo for the Athletes: Held on Friday or Saturday night during holiday breaks when the rest of campus is away, athletes get together to play bingo for prizes.
  • National SAAC Conference: Leadership development conference sponsored by the NCAA which is held at the end of May in Florida.
  • Student Athlete Auction: Fundraiser for a non-profit organization.
  • Student-Athlete Appreciation Day: A Spring event where all student athletes get together and celebrate being an athlete.
  • MS Walk: Spring fundraiser to promote awareness for multiple sclerosis.
  • Brother Sister Team: Teams are paired up to support each other throughout the season by attending games, etc.
  • Seatbelt Campaign for Lisa Moray: University-wide promotion on seatbelt safety. The funds raised will go to the Lisa Moray Scholarship.
  • Dunbar School Volunteer Work: The Dunbar school is a K-8 school located on the east side of Bridgeport, CT.