The purpose of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to represent the voice of student-athletes on the campus of Sacred Heart University.  Our goal is to: 
  • Provide efficient communication with athletic department administration, coaches, faculty, staff, student-athletes and campus personnel.
  • Encourage involvement in all programs within the athletic department and campus.
  • Create awareness of all programs within the athletic department and campus.
  • Encourage a sense of community service and giving back to the community among student-athletes.


  • Each representative will serve as a liaison between SAAC and their respective team.
  • A representative that is leaving due to graduation or for any other reason and is an active member may choose a replacement.  However, approval from the coach of that respective team and the SAAC advisor is necessary before the replacement can become a member.
  • A representative must remain a member for two years or on a continual basis until their eligibility as a full-time student athlete expires. 
  • Freshmen may be general members; however, they may not run for a position on the Executive Board.  Students must be a member of a varsity sport and be a full-time student-athlete for consideration. 
  • There is no term limit for members, only officers.


  • The grade point average for each member should be 2.5 or higher. If a representative drops below the minimum GPA, the representative will be placed on probation for one semester.  If the representative does not meet the required GPA in subsequent semesters, he/she will be asked to resign as a member.
  • All members must be full time students.
  • All members must be a member of a varsity sport or student athletic trainer.
  • No more than two unexcused absences from meetings.  Excused absences are competition, practice, illness, death in the family, meeting with a coach, advisor meeting or class.
  • Representatives must report all information from the meetings to their respective team(s).
Membership is comprised of two to three representatives from each varsity sport recognized by the Athletic Department as well as two student trainers, all of whom have the right to vote on issues.