Dear Student-Athlete,

Thank you for considering Sacred Heart University among your options for a first-class university education and a first-rate Division I athletics experience.  I hope you will complete an online recruiting form or contact one of our coaches directly if you are committed to achieving excellence in the classroom as well as on your chosen field of competition.  At Sacred Heart University you will train to reach your full potential athletically in the pursuit of championship success, be it through team or individual achievement, and prepare for your future career opportunities.  You will also meet and develop life-long friendships with the remarkable young men and women who have traveled to Fairfield to further their education and athletic pursuits.

Our coaches are terrific teachers, leaders and motivators.  They will guide, challenge and help you become a better-rounded person and citizen.  They will also help you become a more complete and proficient student-athlete than you are already.  Our coaches are aware of your academic quest and are a vital cornerstone to the overall University academic mission.  They will assist you along your path to becoming an independent, self-reliant individual, ready to confront the challenges present in our ever-changing world.

Enjoy your collegiate search.  I hope that you will find Sacred Heart University to be the right fit for you and your academic and athletic goals.  I look forward to meeting you if you ultimately attend Sacred Heart and welcome you to join our current Pioneers as we continue to build a new tradition of excellence and achievement at the Division I level.

C. Donald Cook
Executive Director of Athletics

Online Recruiting Form
A prospective student-athlete is any student who has started classes for the ninth grade. Recruiting has occurred whenever a member of Sacred Heart University athletics staff, or athletics representative of our programs encourages a prospect to enroll at Sacred Heart and ultimately to compete in athletics.  Please fill out the online recruiting form so that our coaches know of your interest in our athletic programs.  Please note that in addition to the online recruiting form, you may also use the Athletics Staff Directory to contact one of our coaches directly.

Letters and Phone Calls
Please note that NCAA rules and regulations prohibit a prospect to receive written correspondence (this includes e-mail) from the Sacred Heart staff until the start of classes for their junior year in high school.  Phone calls from a member of the Sacred Heart staff may not start until July 1 after the completion of the prospect's junior year in high school (in sports other than football and basketball).

Sacred Heart University Office of Admission
Sacred Heart University is first and foremost a community of learning.  In transforming ourselves over the last several years into a thriving residential university with four colleges and 6,100 students, we have strengthened our commitment to excellence in all areas of academic life. We find that our students are attracted by the University's liberal arts and Catholic intellectual traditions, by our diverse and challenging academic programs, and by our growing national reputation for academic excellence.  Small class sizes, extensive academic offerings, easy access to and regular interaction with our distinguished faculty are just some of the distinguishing features of the academic environment.

Undergraduates can pursue one of our 42 diverse academic programs.  We offer a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in 29 major fields and 6 minor fields within the four colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education and Health Professions, College of Business, and University College.

Sacred Heart University Office of Financial Aid
Sacred Heart University is committed to helping you fund your education.  Understanding the many options available for financial assistance can be difficult.  We're here to help you.
Each year, the University awards more than $27.5 million in financial assistance to undergraduate students.  Eighty percent of our undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance.  The Office of Student Financial Assistance will help you and your parents complete financial assistance application forms, advise you of important deadlines, and locate appropriate financial resources.
Need to know when the next SAT I and II testing dates are?  Looking for general information on the exams? is the place to go for information on the exams and even allows you to register online for the next test.

Visiting Sacred Heart University
Conveniently located in Fairfield, Connecticut, just 55 miles northeast of New York City, Sacred Heart University is situated in the center of corporate America and is easily accessible by automobile, bus, train and airplane.  The hustle and bustle of big city life in New York City and Boston is not far from Fairfield - nor is the natural beauty of Connecticut's scenic coastline.

Beyond the opportunities for learning and living on the Sacred Heart University campus, Fairfield County offers a remarkable variety of cultural and recreational activities - and if you're looking for employment, it's home to numerous Fortune 500 companies.  From museums and historical sites, to shopping and theater, Fairfield County is a great place to call home.  You can take a virtual online tour of the campus, or make plans to visit us in person!

NCAA Guide For the College-Bound Student-Athlete
The National Collegiate Athletic Association was founded in 1906.  It is made up of 977 schools classified in three divisions (Division I has 321 schools; Division II has 260; and Division III has 396).  Schools in Division I, which is divided into two subdivisions for football (Divisions I-A and I-AA), compete at the so-called major-college level.

The NCAA sponsors 87 championships in 22 sports.  Almost 24,500 men and women student-athletes annually compete for NCAA titles.

This online guide is intended to help you and your family understand the rules for prospective student-athletes.  NCAA eligibility rules are sometimes complex as they apply to certain students.  This guide should not be relied upon exclusively.  Contact the NCAA office, appropriate conference office, or Sacred Heart Compliance Office for proper interpretations in specific cases.  Your inquiries should be addressed to the NCAA membership services staff.