Student Athlete Advisory Council



Femi Akenpetide (Basketball)



Maile Hetherington (Volleyball)


Neil McKenny (Hockey)

Vice President


Justin Dion (Fencing)



Mellisa Hancock (Field Hockey)




Enzo MacKenzie

Member at Large

SAAC serves as an organization to bridge communication between student-athletes and administration. One of our many important goals is to help teams overcome issues or obstacles they may face throughout their season. By bringing light to their issues, we strengthen the voice of all student-athletes within the University. To further enhance the student experience, SAAC plans several exciting and interactive events throughout the year. Some of these include the freshman Olympics, the student-athlete auction, and a student-athlete prom. This organization is extremely dedicated to making an impact on our community. In order to achieve this, we help facilitate fundraisers and events during the year including, writing letters to the troops during the holidays, volunteering at homeless shelters, the MS Walk, and a breast cancer awareness walk.

One of the most successful programs SAAC is involved with is the literacy program at the Dunbar school in Bridgeport. The work we have done there has received national recognition but most importantly has helped the students’ reading and writing levels improve greatly. We send representatives from Sacred Heart athletics to the school five days a week to help the students and serve as mentors to them as well. SAAC will host our fourth annual Student-Athlete auction this spring and all proceeds from the auction go towards the Lisa Moray scholarship.

This year, SAAC is collaborating with a new and exciting club called the Heart Attack. The sole mission of the Heart Attack is to foster, create, and provide opportunities to increase school spirit for all Sacred Heart University community members. Already, the Heart Attack has shown major progress in establishing themselves in the University. On freshmen move-in day, the Heart Attack e-board members and members of SAAC greeted over 400 first-year students and their families and informed them of this new spirit club. We are extremely excited to be involved with this program and have high hopes to bring athletes and students together.

Our appreciation goes out to the Faculty and Administration, and especially our student-athletes who remain involved in this organization’s success. We hope you enjoy and participate in our upcoming events!



Femi Akinpetide (Basketball) and Maile Hetherington (Volleyball)


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