Sacred Heart University Student-Athlete Academic Support Services

 Meet Tammy Petrucelli, Senior Associate AD and Director Of Student-Athlete Support Services

• Meet Randy Brochu,  Student-Athlete Support Services Coordinator

The Student-Athlete Support Services Office is committed to administering the NCAA Leadership Development’s mission for Sacred Heart University student athletes.  Specifically, Student-Athlete Support Services provides skills support in five areas: academics, athletics, personal development, career development, and community service. The main goal in doing so is to promote the overall well-being and development of SHU student-athletes and by providing them with the best possible overall experience.  Student-Athlete Support Services provides numerous resources, programs, training, and on-going education to all student-athletes and the athletic department professionals who service them.

Academic Support

  • Individual Academic Counseling / Advisement
  • Faculty / Student Mediation
  • Assistance in Choosing a Major
  • Program Review
  • Academic Monitoring
  • Tutoring Services
  • Study Skills, Time Management, Test-Taking, Note-Taking, and Organizational Workshops
  • Study Room

Support Services

  • Personal Needs Counseling
  • Educational Seminar / Workshops
  • Career Counseling
  • Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques and Job Search Tactics Workshops
  • Alumni Mentors / Job Shadowing
  • On-campus Recruitment
  • Interest Inventory and Personality Testing
  • Community Involvement

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Academic counseling is provided by the Associate Director of Student-Athlete Academic Advisement in partnership with the student-athlete's assigned academic advisor, University Academic Support Services, to include on a case by case basis the Dean of Freshmen, Dean of Students, Pre-Professional Advisors, Faculty, faculty Team Mentors, and other relevant professionals.

In collaboration with the Office of Career Development, student-athletes can part take in Major in Success, a structured program designed to help students identify the majors and career paths that they are naturally suited for depending on goals, interests, skills, values and other considerations in conjunction in choosing a major.

Degree audits are available to student-athletes, as are pre-scheduling plans to outline specific academic goals for the semesters ahead. Each student is required to graduate with 120 credit hours, regardless of major.

First year student-athletes and those student-athletes who are at risk of being placed on academic probation are monitored on a weekly basis through meetings with advisors, coaches, and support administration. Periodic progress reports are issued to professors to monitor progress and proactively identify academic support needs.

The Office of Student-Athlete Academic Support coordinates individual tutoring and classroom-learning assistants as needed in all disciplines in collaboration with the Jandrisevits Learning Center.

Monthly workshops on college-level learning skills include such topics as note-taking, time management, test-taking, grammar, punctuation, math concepts and problem solving, speech writing, delivery science report writing and essay writing. Periodic special programming is offered that is tailored to the individual student-athlete.

The Student-Athlete Classroom, conveniently located on the lower level of the William H. Pitt Center, provides a quiet study environment for student-athletes, as does the Student Study Lounge in the Office of Student-Athlete Academic Support. Study hall and individual space is offered for those students who are in need of extra assistance and structure.

Located in a modern, three-story building, the Ryan-Matura Library houses more than 180,000 books, 2,100 periodical subscriptions, 68,000 microfilms, 11,000 audiovisual items, seven CD-Rom databases and many online databases, including 11 full-text databases.

If English is not your primary language, the ESL Program offers credit courses that teach the form and function of American English. Placement into the ESL program is based on TOEFL or SAT scores, the University placement test, an oral interview and your language profile.

The Registrar's Office will handle all of your student records, including grades, transcripts and registration. The Registrar's Office also compiles Dean's List and Probation List information on a semester basis, and application and approval for graduation.

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The Counseling Center provides counseling and other mental health needs in a confidential setting. Such topics include Stress / Anxiety, Study Habits, Depression, Eating Disorders, and Drug / Alcohol Abuse.

Various seminars and workshops are given throughout the year and provide information relevant to student-athletes. Past workshops have included topics such as nutrition and eating disorders, time-management, sports psychology, and study skills.

The Office of Career Development, in collaboration with the Associate Director of Student-Athlete Academic Support, provides one-on-one career counseling. Services include assistance with resume writing, job interview coaching and analysis, job search techniques, on-campus recruiting, internships, graduate school advisement, job shadowing, and an alumni mentor program.

By referral, the Office of Career Development administers and interprets the following self-assessments: Strong Interest Inventory, Self-Directed Search, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and PinPoint Career Guidance Program.

Student-athletes have numerous opportunities to provide community service through team efforts, SAAC or the University Service Learning Program. The Office of Student Activities offers memberships to various clubs and organizations to all of our student cohorts.

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