Wrestling Picks Up Second Dual Win of the Year With 30-9 Victory In Home Opener Over VMI

Wrestling Picks Up Second Dual Win of the Year With 30-9 Victory In Home Opener Over VMI

FAIRFIELD, Conn.- The Sacred Heart University Wrestling team defeated VMI this afternoon by a final score of 30-9. The Pioneers improve to 2-2 in duals on the year. SHU returns to action on Sunday January 19 when the Pioneers travel to face Franklin and Marshall. Matches begin at 2:00 p.m.


125 Pounds: Kyle Randall (SHU) vs. John McGarry (VMI) – Randall by Fall, 8-0. SHU up 6-0. 1:26 riding time Randall.

  • Randall scored a pair of points on a take-down as riding time lasted over a minute.
  • Through the riding time he picked up
  • Another takedown by Randall sealed the four points and won by technical fall.


133 Pounds: Sean Faraon (SHU) vs. Cliff Conway (VMI), - Conway, by decision 5-0, riding time 3:20 SHU leads 6-3.

  • Neither side picked up points for the first minute.
  • VMI scored two points on an escape to give Conway a 2-0 lead.
  • Conway held a strong hold increasing his riding time to over a minute.
  • In the second round, Conway picked up a point for a tackling violation to take a 3-0 lead with 1:26 remaining in the second.
  • Conway gained a point with an escape to give him a 4-0 lead.
  • In the third round, Conway held a strong pin on Faraon to keep his riding time up.
  • A tackle warning by Faraon gave Conway a 5-0 lead.


141 Pounds: Noah Roulo (VMI) vs. Gerard Daly (SHU)- Daly, technical fall 20-5 Riding Time 1:33, SHU leads 11-3

  • Daly scored two points right off the bat with a takedown.
  • Then Daly tallied another takedown shortly after to take a commanding 4-0 lead.
  • Daly scored two more points to kick off the second round with a takedown while Roulo earned one for an escape shortly after to tighten the lead for Daly to 6-1.
  • Daly took another four points for a strong pair of takedowns.
  • Roulo did score a point for a second escape shortly after.
  • Another takedown by Daly upped his points to 16-3 and held onto Roulo for two more following 18-4.



149 Pounds: Nick Palumbo (SHU) vs. Job Chishko (VMI)- Palumbo by decision 5-2 riding time 1:38. SHU leads 14-3.

  • A takedown by Palumbo would give him two points to start the opening round.
  • Chishko picked up one point for an escape soon after.
  • Palumbo cashed in another takedown with :26 seconds left in the round to take a 4-1 lead.
  • Chisko picked up another point late in the second round to tighten Palumbo's lead to 4-2.



157 Pounds: William Lawrence (VMI) vs. Will Schmidt (SHU)- Lawrence by decision 6-3, SHU leads 14-6.

  • Schmidt picked up two points for a takedown as Lawrence picked up one for an escape to make the score 2-1 Schmidt with 1:02 remaining in the opening round.
  • Lawrence picked up a pair of points for a hold to give him a 3-2 lead.
  • An escape for Schmidt in the second round evened the score up at 3-3.
  • In the third round, an escape by Lawrence gave him the 4-3 lead with 1:40 remaining in the match.
  • Lawrence picked up two quick points shortly after to give him a 6-3 lead.
  • Lawrence would become victorious winning the match 6-3.



165 Pounds: Brandon Levesque (SHU) vs. Jon Hoover (VMI)- Levesque by decision 4-1,  riding time 2:11.5, SHU leads 17-6.

  • For the first 1:30, neither side picked up a point in the opening round.
  • A takedown for Levesque gave him a 2-0 lead heading into the second round.
  • Levesque picked up an escape to up his score to 3-0 with 1:00 left in the second round.
  • Hoover picked up his first points with an escape to tighten Levesque's lead to 3-1.



174 Pounds: Joe Accousti (SHU) vs. Neal Richards (VMI)-  Richards, by decision 5-1 riding time 0:31, SHU leads 17-9

  • Neither side picked up a point in the opening round.
  • Richards would pick up a point via an escape early in second round to take a 1-0 lead.
  • A takedown by Richards would put him ahead 3-0 with riding time also beginning.
  • Accousti picked up a point to kick off the third round to tighten Richard's lead to 3-1.
  • A quick two points for a takedown by Richards gave him the 5-1 win.



184 Pounds: Kyle Davis (SHU) vs. Max Gallahan (VMI)-  Davis by pin,  SHU leads 23-9.

  • A takedown by Davis gave him a 2-0 leads with 1:35 left in the first round.
  • An escpae by Gallahan tightened Davis lead to 2-1.
  • Then a pin Davis sealed the victory to give SHU six points.



197 Pounds: Robert Hetherman (SHU) vs. Zach Brown (VMI), Hetherman by decision 3-0 riding time 2:27, SHU leads 26-9 

  • Neither side picked up a point in the opening round.
  • Hetherman gained a 2-0 lead off a reversal with :39 seconds left in the second round.
  • Hetherman held his riding time for over two minutes to give him a point and the 3-0 win.


Heavyweight: Robbie Adelstein (VMI) vs. Connor Fredericks (SHU) Fredericks by decision 10-2

  • A takedown by Fredericks to put him ahead 2-1.
  • An escape by Adelstein tightened Fredericks lead to 2-1 shortly after.
  • A second takedown by Fredericks would put him ahead 4-1 with :03 left in the first round.
  • An escape by Fredericks put him ahead 5-1 with 1:30 left in the second round.
  • Another two points for Fredericks on a takedown put him ahead 7-1 with :18 seconds left in the second round.
  • An escape early in the third round by Adelstein put Fredericks ahead 7-2 with 1:22 left in the match.
  • A takedown by Fredericks put him ahead 9-2 in the closing seconds of the match.



Final Team Points: SHU 30  VMI 9