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The women's basketball team arriving in Buenos Aires.
The women's basketball team arriving in Buenos Aires.
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DAY 11 - Wednesday, August 22
DAY 10 - Tuesday, August 21
DAY 9 - Monday, August 20
DAY 8 - Sunday, August 19
DAY 7 - Saturday, August 18
Buenos Dias Buenos Aires! Day 7 of our trip was a special day - a day we got to take part in service and giving back to the Buenos Aires community.  SHU Trustee Pablo Stalman began a foundation here called Fundacion PIBES - and it provides doctors, dentists, meals, clothing and recreation for families in both the northern and southern regions of Buenos Aires. Our team boarded the bus and headed towards the northern part of the city towards Del Viso where we visited a recreation and community center and were greeted with both appreciation and applause by the local community who came to participate. We truly felt honored to be there and were excited to be a part of such a special day!  We held ball handling workouts and shooting clinics, played some half court pick-up and even did a short full-court exhibition game vs the host team!  The Presidents of both the club and the foundation were there to welcome us and were thrilled to work together to truly make this a memorable day for all involved.  Being able to truly interact with children, families, players and the community and share our passion for basketball was truly an incredible feeling. We certainly made some fantastic new friends and are happy to continue to expand our basketball family while we are here!
After visiting the foundation, we stopped for a quick lunch and then came back to the hotel for some much needed rest.  Dinner tonight was a true food experience at an Italian restaurant called La Parolaccia where we spent 4 hours eating a 3-4 course meal complete with dulce de leche themed desserts!  The team had a blast and spent most of the evening talking, laughing and generally just being in great spirits together. All in all - Day 7 was a special day we will NEVER forget because we are humbled and  honored to be able to feel so welcomed and appreciated, but also fortunate to be able to give back to such a wonderful community of people here in Buenos Aires.  Bed time for now - another beautiful BA day to look forward to tomorrow, Coach Mannetti
DAY 6 - Friday, August 17
Just when we thought the trip couldn't get any better, it did - we practiced, we beached, and we tango'd!!!  Day 6 of our Argentina foreign tour began with practice at the River Plate Stadium - a famous arena where the world famous soccer club River Plate competes and where Argentina won the World Cup in 1978. We were even granted access to field level where we could imagine what it was like to play in front of 70,000 screaming fans!  Needless to say it was amazing. 
From there we went to the beach - Peru Beach - where we had beautiful views of the Delta on a 67 degree day, ate a nice lunch outside and explored a quaint "beach" town.  Some of you may be wondering about how we have been keeping up with our schoolwork while we are here, and since all players are enrolled in online classes we haven't missed a beat. Since today is the final day of summer classes and players have exams, we headed back to the hotel early so that we can make sure we have plenty of time to finish the semester strong. 
We even got to say a fond farewell to SHU Trustee Pablo Stalman who was an incredible host for us since we arrived in Argentina - we will miss him the rest of the way!
At 6:45 we loaded the bus yet again and headed to Tango Porteno where we took a fabulous tango lesson with professional dancers and the players and coaches really got to show their stuff.  Our lesson was followed by a lovely 3 course dinner and then a tango show that was truly one of the best!  It was also a VERY special persons birthday - Daniel Gettridge -(#22 Adrianne Hagood's Dad) so we got to wish him a VERY Happy Birthday with a surprise cake after the show!  All in all, every day here just keeps getting better and we can't wait to see what's in store for us next! Chau Chau - Coach Mannetti 
DAY 5 - Thursday, August 16
The days are flying by here in Buenos Aires with the Women's Basketball Team! Today is GAUCHO DAY where we headed to the countryside to learn all about Argentina Gauchos, cattle farms, traditional music and historical customs.  We boarded the bus around 9:30am and headed a little over an hour west to La Estancia Don Silvana in the La Pampa region of Buenos Aires.  We were greeted with home made empanadas before heading over to the stables to go horseback riding - something many of players had never experienced before!  We discovered quickly that Cleo was actually a VERY talented rider and even shared that she used to compete in horse shows when she was younger.  After our horseback riding tour we explored the farm some more where we saw tons of animals everywhere: Pigs, Sheep, Llamas, cows, peacocks, and even chickens and turkeys!  
Lunch was a real highlight where we were brought on a live musical journey through the different regions of Argentina complete with traditional dancers. We even did some dancing of our own as well!  We feasted on Asado BBQ including chorizo, chicken, ribs and beef complete with flan and dulce de leche for dessert.  Immediately following lunch we headed out the arena where the Gauchos put on quite a show with the horses doing races and different tricks!  The players and coaches had a tremendous time learning all about Argentinian "cowboys" and experiencing first hand their ways of life. 
We can't wait until tomorrow when we get to explore La Plata - an area about an hour south of Buenos Aires and at night, learn how to Tango!  -Hasta Luego, Coach Mannetti 
DAY 4 - Wednesday, August 15
Day 4 of our Argentina Foreign tour was our first true day off to do some exploring of our own in Palermo Soho. There is SO much to discover here! Between the markets, the cafes, the shops and the vibe, Soho is a truly a wonderful place. From mainstream shops like Starbucks and Adidas to cafes like La Panera Rosa and Tufic helado shop, this area has something for everyone. In our travels we passed artists painting beautiful murals on buildings, vendors selling mate on the street and observed Buenos Aires residents going about their typical workday. The city is truly interesting because one moment you feel like you're in the heart of downtown NYC and then if you turn a corner, the hustle and bustle of the city disappear and you're on a park-like street with cobblestones, trees and quaint shops.
We discovered Districos Arcos - an outdoor outlet center where we did some shopping before heading back to pre-game meal in preparation to take on the Argentinian National team again for game 2!  After another competitive game we took time socialize after with the Argentina team and even showed them "thumper" our team game with hand signals and rhythm that they all tried and played together! Another successful day in the books for SHUWBB in Argentina!  Tomorrow we are heading to La Palma to have a true "gaucho" day where we will explore cattle ranches, ride horses and see how Argentinian cowboys live. More to follow soon...Buenos noches, Coach Mannetti
DAY 3 - Tuesday, August 14
Our third day in Argentina was officially GAMEDAY!!!  We played the Argentina National team (ranked 15th in the world!) and it was such an amazing experience - one filled with new rules, challenging competition and a first-hand introduction to the physicality of international play.  We had the BEST fans cheering us on including SHU Trustee Pablo Stalman, admissions representatives Cori Nevers and Francesca De Riso, our Harvard Sports Tours family as well as many others!  While we fell short, losing the game 70-58, the experience to play an internationally ranked team combined with our resilience was a great start to our game series while here in Argentina. 
Prior to our game, we woke up and loaded our bus in route to Recoleta - Buenos Aires most elegant avenue filled with chic cafes, beautiful parks and high end shopping. It is also home to the famous Recoleta cemetery where we visited Ava Peron's grave - the first female President of Argentina.   After our visit we headed over to Museo National de Bella's Artes (art museum) where we saw works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and Rembrandt to name a few. Seeing the artwork first hand was truly beautiful!
Our game was followed by an elegant dinner at La Bistecca - a buffet style steakhouse with delicious meats, salads, sides and even chocolate and dulce de leche fountains!it was "barbado!" - an Argentina's way of saying "its great!".   Now off to sleep as we prepare to play the National team again tomorrow! -Besos, Coach Mannetti
DAY 2 - Monday, August 13
Day #2 in Buenos Aires was the BEST DAY YET! The day started off early with a three-hour (nine mile) bike tour of this beautiful city led by the great folks at BA Bikes. We peddled everywhere! Throughout our tour we made several stops - we visited vibrant La Boca where all the houses are painted different colors and the Stadium where CABJ plays and learned that when the fans celebrate a goal the entire stadium shakes! We saw the beautiful Puerto Madrid - a posh neighborhood down by the river and The Pink House in the government district with old Paresian buildings dating back to the 1500's!!! Our final challenge was to ride on Nueve de Julio - the largest street in the world at over 90 meters wide with 13 lanes of traffic!!!  Fortunately, we all made it out in one piece!
After our bike ride we went to eat some grilled pizza and then get ready for our first practice session at CENARD arena. Our practice was immediately followed by an amazing dinner that SHU Trustee Pablo Stalman generously hosted and our team had an amazing time - we LOVE Pablo!!! We sang, we danced, we ate, we played ping was the perfect ending to an amazing day with incredible people. Day 2 of our Argentina tour was spectacular! Now we are off to sleep to rest up for our first game against the Argentina National team tomorrow! -Buenos Noches! - Coach Mannetti
DAY 1 - Sunday, August 12
Sacred Heart Women's Basketball is thrilled to embark on our journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina!  After a quick and seamless process with American Airlines at JFK we were boarded and ready to catch some zzzz's on our 10 hour flight (with luggage, luggage and MORE luggage) to spend 10 amazing days on our second-ever foreign tour!
At 9:15am we touched down at Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery and were met by Dario our Harvard Sports Tour Manager and Ariel our tour guide. They whisked us off to our hotel in Palmero, a chic neighborhood in Buenos Aires (similar to SoHo in NYC) where we were given a VIP greeting by SHU trustee Pablo Stalman (a native Argentine) and Director of Athletics Bobby Valentine who were instrumental in both the planning and generous support of our programs foreign tour opportunity!  From here we hit the ground running - first stopping for a rooftop lunch at Limbo where we got to sample Tapeo Limbo followed by a walk to Serrano Square for some photo ops and exploration of outdoor markets and quaint shops.  
After a nice "siesta" we headed out for dinner to have our first taste of Argentinian meat at La Popular de Soho. The atmosphere was lively and the decor was soccer themed - even with hung jerseys signed by Lionel Messi himself!  We sampled native dishes like provoleta, chorizo, empanadas, asado and dulce de leche - so delicious!  
First impression of Argentina on day 1: The energy and the people here are truly spectacular!  Now it's off to bed, as we have an early bike tour tour in the morning at the Plaza de Mayo in the south of the city to see history from the 1500's!  "Chau" for now...Coach Mannetti