Bowling Fourth After First Day Of James Brown Invitational

Bowling Fourth After First Day Of James Brown Invitational

The 13th ranked Sacred Heart University women's bowling team went 3-1 on the first day of the James Brown Invitational. The Pioneers, 43-28 overall, are in fourth-place after the first day, in the 16-team field. The three-day event continues on Saturday.

Rebecca Armand led the team averaging 20.9 per frame. She bowled in every frame on Friday, striking 50 percent of the time.

Match 1: Howard 934, SHU 856

  • SHU opened with a 176-167 victory
  • The Pioneers high-score in the match was 182, in the fourth game
  • Hoard tallied 224 in the fifth game

Match 2: SHU 999, Morgan State 812

  • The 999 total was the Pioneers top score of the day
  • The Pioneers eclipsed 200 in three times in the match, with a 222 in game two as the high-water mark

Match 3: SHU 917, Coppin State 748

  • SHU posted a 204 in the opening game, for a 50-pin lead
  • SHU nearly tipped 200 again in the fourth, with a 199-182 score

Match 4: SHU 993, Mount Aloysius 909

  • SHU again surpassed 200 in three games, with a 228 in the opener
  • The Pioneers wrapped with 206 and 202 in the final two games